About Us

Netica Solutions Sdn Bhd was formed in 2010 with its corporate goal to improve the efficiency and image of the automotive and insurance industry, by providing solutions and services using worldwide best practice techniques, while adopting them to local market conditions.

Netica Solutions Sdn Bhd is managed by a group of members from the automotive and insurance industry with a total of over 30 years experience. Specializing in IT solutions and meeting the demands of the Malaysian automotive insurance market, Netica has developed its first in Malaysia Online Workshop Grading portal called NAWAM.

The flexibility of our development team and the willingness to work with our partners allows us to open our mind to our clients’ desires to change and adapt our products to match their bespoke requirements. Customization offers our clients the ability to tailor our solutions to meet their individual needs.

Whether this is incorporating existing systems or expanding our current range of products, the technology we use and deploy allows full creativity to adapt and incorporate changes required.

NAWAM or National Automotive Workshop Administration Malaysia facilitates the need to grade collision workshops, tyre and service workshops and gradually air condition service centers and automotive accessories centers to ensure high quality of workmanship and service. Members of this portal are qualified by internationally known standard known as 4M which consist of MAN, MACHINERIES, MATERIALS and METHODS.