Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)

The Economic Transformation Program is an initiative by the Malaysian government to turn Malaysia into a high income economy by the year 2020. It is managed by the Performance and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), an agency under the Prime Minister Department of Malaysia.

Launched on 21st September, 2010, it is a comprehensive economic transformation plan to propel Malaysia’s economy into high income economy. The program will lift Malaysia’s Gross National Income (GNI) to US$523 billion by 2020, and raise per capita income from US$6700 to at least US$15,000, meeting the World Banks’ threshold for high income nation. It is projected that Malaysia will be able to achieve the targets set if GNI grows by 6% per annum.

Set to revitalize Malaysia’s private sector, the 60% of the blueprint’s investment would derived from private sector, 32% from government linked companies and the remaining 8% from the government. Various sectors for development have been identified and are called National Key Economic Activities (NKEA).

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